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Buddy fan intercourse you have to turn down your advertising blocker to utilize

Buddy fan intercourse you have to turn down your advertising blocker to utilize

Six Types of Love

In a written guide titled Colors of Love (1973), J. A. Lee defined six types of relation­ship that could be labeled love.

Eros is romantic, passionate, love–what Tennov labeled limerence. In this kind of relationship, love is life’s many important things. Lee stated a look for real beauty or a type that is ideal typifies this sort of love.

Ludus is a game-playing or love that is uncommitted. Lying is a component for the game. Someone who pursues love that is ludic have numerous conquests but remains uncommitted.

Storge (STORE-gay) is just a sluggish developing, friendship-based love. Individuals with this kind of love choose to take part in tasks together. Lee stated that storge leads to a long- term relationship for which intercourse may not be very intense or passionate.

Pragma is just a pragmatic, practical, mutually useful relationship. It may be significantly unromantic and it is often called „shopping list” love must be partner is chosen based on a few faculties or needs. Intercourse may very well be viewed as a technical matter, required for creating kids, if they’re desired.

Mania can be an obsessive or love that is posses­sive sex education nude jealous and extreme. Someone in love this real means probably will take action crazy or ridiculous, such as for example stalking. The movie Fatal Attraction ended up being concerning this type.

Agape (a-GOP-aye) is all-giving love, maybe perhaps perhaps not focused on the self, just with the partner, or with individuals requiring compassion. (więcej…)